Who Are We?

When it comes to embroidered patches – we are magicians who bring unique ideas to life. We design patches that stand out and set you or your company apart from others. The premium quality of each patch is a living proof of our passion and determination. We can bring any idea to life and develop any patch you desire. Is it a military patch? Sports patch? Biker patch? Funky patch? 

It doesn’t matter what style you choose – you can rest assured that it will be the best quality patch on the market.

As a result of our lean practices and the fact that we do not outsource anything and do everything in-house, we are able to offer you bargain prices for premium quality. We offer you the best of both worlds – premium quality and lowest price on the market.

It still doesn’t scratch your itch? Ok, here is a sweet cherry on the cake – we also offer a FREE worldwide delivery. Yes, you got it right, we love our customers so much that we promise a FREE delivery! 

Why overthink and get caught in analysis-paralysis loop? Try us out now and you will never look back! 


Why choosing the right patch is important? How to pick a proper design? Nuggets of wisdom lie in our blog section!

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