Some companies think selecting the right embroidered patch design is not important comparing to other important business decisions, such as marketing products and services. Others think that the selection process is simple and straightforward. While we all have our own unique understandings and beliefs, the reality paints a totally different picture, which companies can use to their advantage.

In today’s hypercompetitive world, most customers are flooded with different marketing campaigns and their attention span is much shorter than it was let’s say in 1990s. Whereas in 1990s most customers would pay attention to a simple logo or embroidered patch design, today attracting attention is much more difficult. In fact, research suggests that average attention span of a customer is only about 2-3 seconds – this could be called a ‘window of opportunity’ for companies to attract customer attention. This window of opportunity could be used to grab customer attention and communicate value the company represents through unique yet simple embroidered patch design.

If done properly, the embroidered patch design will grab customer’s attention and communicate value. On the other hand, if a company has inappropriate embroidered patch design, most customers will simply ignore it or even misinterpret what products or services the company sells and their potential value.

You see where it’s coming to?

Most customers are not only too distracted, but also judge by the looks. Most of us do, don’t we? Imagine you see embroidered patch design that is low quality with a car logo embroidered on it. What would be your first thoughts? Would you trust a financial company that uses such design? Would a car logo represent services the company offers? And what about a low quality blurry design? Would you trust such a company in the first place? I think I already know the answer – so do you.

Now let’s imagine there is a company that offers organic tea and coffee and uses recyclable cups and spoons in order to protect our environment. The idea is awesome and many environmentalists would be attracted to such a company already. Imagine if such a company had embroidered patch design that contains a coffee tree with bright green leaves – would that communicate what the company offers? Would you be attracted to such a design if you were environmentalist or simply a person who cares about our environment? I am sure many people, including myself would.

This is just a simple comparison in order to explain the key idea behind this argument – embroidered patch design can either work for you or against you when it comes to marketing and branding your company. The key decision lies in your hands. You could be either experimenting and risking your company’s reputation or getting in touch with professionals like ourselves who could design the exact patch you need.

So, know you know that selecting the right picture, colours, tones, fonts and so on is of utmost importance when designing your patch. And this is just a limited image of how complex the actual design process is. We have multiple years of industry experience and still find it relatively challenging when it comes to designing the right patch for a customer – if we didn’t take it so seriously, it would be entirely different story. Instead, we go above and beyond when designing and manufacturing embroidered patches and never let even the smallest of details slip through our radar.

The quality and effectiveness of our embroidered patches speaks for itself – we are not someone who designs and manufactures embroidered patches. We are obsessed about it and that is all we do every day. We are always looking for new ideas and processes and relentlessly experimenting, which often comes at a great financial cost, so our customers could take maximum advantage of our services and maximise the return they get. Our promise is simple – by selecting us, you will get maximum value for money you pay.

Make a choice or be forgotten

Do you provide financial advice to customers? So do hundreds of other companies. Do you sell bicycles? Great, so do hundreds of other companies. Ok, I get you. Your services are unique and different. You are a reputable restaurant that offers best quality tea and coffee in your local area. Well done, I am sure you are a great human who works hard, but so do many other restaurant owners in your local area. You have to face the reality or else get swallowed by the sea of competition. You are not necessarily unique and the only selection – unless you are a restaurant in the middle of Amazon jungle…in this case, we are interested in hearing your story how you manage to make money doing this!

Ok, I get you – it’s getting boring and you losing your focus already. I cut to the chase then. There is a lot of competition out there who are doing their best to win hearts and minds of the very same customers you try to attract. They do so using various methods, one of which is using embroidered patch designs that are unique and stand out. The design you select needs to connect with customers on the personal level and tell the story. Customers love hearing stories, especially when it relates to them.

Do you think it is impossible to tell a story by using embroidered patch design? Ok, I am not here to convince you otherwise and you can either think we are plain lying or practicing witchcraft. Alternatively, you could simply get in touch with us and we will show you a real picture. A picture that tells a completely different story. A story of a company that specialises in high-quality embroidered patch designs from which most customers can’t pull their eyes off. There could be some emotional witchcraft element involved, however it is not one of our ingredients. All we know is that what we do works and it works very well. It works so well that we have tens of thousands of happy customers on Etsy who are witnesses of that.

Do you still think embroidered patches are waste of time and resources? Would you like to hear more about why millions of customers worldwide think otherwise? Get in touch with us today and we will help you see the real picture. The picture that can open a lot of doors for your business and increase your profits.